In private schools, colleges and madrasas belonging to the MPO of the country The fourth step is to issue e-requisitions for teacher recruitment recommendations provided. Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority NTRCA issued this directive in a circular signed by NTRCA Director Kazi Kamrul Ahsan on June 23, 2022.

NTRCA will recommend the recruitment of teachers in the fourth phase based on the e-requisition or vacancy demand received from schools, colleges and madrasas under MPO under the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, Directorate of Madrasa Education and Directorate of Technical Education.


Fourth step is e-requisition for recruitment of teachers

A notification has been published on the official website of NTRC with all the instructions to issue e-requisition in the fourth phase to the educational institutions to recommend the appointment of teachers in the light of the National Merit List who passed the Teacher Registration Examination soundly and soundly.

For the readers of, requisition notices published by NTRCA and all the instructions of the requisition head in the institutions are provided correctly.

E-Requisition Notification Circular-2022 for Recruitment of Teachers in Phase IV

Through Notification-2022 for providing e-requisition for the vacant posts of teachers in private educational institutions only for the post of MPO, it is hereby informed for the kind information of all the concerned private educational institutions that,

Through the 4th recruitment circular by Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) for entry level in private educational institutions. Vacancy teacher recruitment With the aim of recommendation, the process of collection of MPO vacant posts (e-Requisition) has taken from all private educational institutions (schools, colleges, madrasas, technical and business management) of the country online.

The e-Requisition process is coming up 26 June 2022 to 31 July 2022 will continue until

As the recruitment recommendation process under the 3rd Public Notice ongoing, the heads of the concerned institutions requested to provide requisitions for all the vacant posts under MPO which will be vacant on 30th June 2022 AD, except for the vacancies which have been provided in the 3rd Public Notice.

So, under the third recruitment circular, after giving the recruitment recommendation, the teachers who have joined the MPO posts and moved elsewhere, should also given an appeal against the vacant posts under the MPO.

In the fourth step, the instruction to issue e-requisition for the recruitment of teachers

Procedure for providing e-requisition for teacher recruitment in the fourth step

Heads of institutions can use their own User ID and Password by clicking on the link or e-Requisition Log In option in the e-Requisition service box of NTRCA website ( Access to Requisition Platform: Only by filling the online form Belongs to MPO Send application for vacancy.

Displayed on NTRCA website while filling the online form Guidelines on e-requisition To followed appropriately.

After submitting the e-requisition online by the institution heads, the concerned Upazila Secondary Education Officer (USEO) and subsequently the District Education Officer (DEO) will log into the e-requisition platform using their respective User ID/Password and thoroughly verify the list of vacancies sent by the institution heads. Submit online.

This notification has issued to fill the vacancies of entry level MPO category teachers in private educational institutions. Requisition (eRequisition) for vacancies for Non-MPO posts will accepted later.

Download instructions for issuing e-requisition for recruitment of teachers in Phase IV

Click on the download button below to download. The instructions issued by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority for the performance of the fourth step for the post of MPO in private educational institutions. or Click here.

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