You can reapply for verification after receiving your HSC 2023 result by questioning the HSC book to see if there is any confusion. This page will provide you an insight of the rules and outcomes of applying for the HSC Khata Challenge 2023. The application for the Higher Secondary School Certificate rescrutiny result will be demonstrated step by step. Teletalk Prepaid SIM is the sole way to apply for the HSC Board Challenge 2023.

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What Happens If The Board Issues A Challenge?

First and foremost, what exactly is the board challenge? What happens if you put the board to the test? Assume you’ve given an excellent test in one topic. You are confident that you will receive a score of 80 or above. However, the outcome indicated that you did not achieve the desired outcome or that you failed. Obviously, you’ll be outraged in your head. You’ll mentally chastise the book reviewers (although not everyone does). Perhaps you believe they purposefully failed you or gave you poor grades.

No, the evaluators never do it on purpose. Yes, they may make mistakes in their assessments. People are simply incorrect. Unintentional errors can happen to everyone. Such a large-scale public test. Where tens of millions of students take part. There may be a few minor errors. What, on the other hand, will happen to those who are deprived?

The Ministry of Education has devised a very effective way for this. This is known as a board challenge or a rereview of a book. This means you won’t be able to see your answers, but you will be able to request a wise auditor to re-inspect your account. But keep in mind that it is re-evaluation, not re-evaluation.

This entails double-checking that the number you were given for each of your inquiries was right. Alternatively, double-check that the number you received is accurately added. These will be shown, but they will not be deducted from your account. They make a mistake, and the results are reposted after being fixed.


HSC Answer Paper Clipped Again If The Board Challenges?

No, the answer sheet will not be re-cut if the board challenges. Only the number’s calculation and presentation in all of the questions are monitored. What does it take to put the board to the test? To re-evaluate the results of any public examination, you’ll need a Teletalk prepaid SIM. With the applicant’s name, address, and phone number, as well as the topic code for which he is applying. You can also apply through us if you don’t have a Teletalk SIM. HSC Board Challenge 2022

How To Challenge HSC result 2023

The board challenge is available starting the day after the results are announced. This application is submitted within the Ministry of Education’s specified timeframe. To challenge the board, you must follow the following guidelines


HSC Subject Code

Bangla 1st Paper101
Bangla 2nd Paper102
English 1st Paper107
English 2nd Paper108
Economics 1st Paper109
Economics 2nd Paper110
Civics 1st Paper269
Civics 2nd Paper270
Social activities 1st Paper271
Social activities 2nd Paper272
Logic 1st Paper121
Logic 2nd Paper122
Psychology 1st Paper123
Psychology 2nd Paper124
Geology 1st Paper125
Geology 2nd Paper126
Higher math 1st Paper265
Higher math 2nd Paper266
Statistic 1st Paper129
Statistic 2nd Paper130
Physics 1st Paper174
Physics 2nd Paper175
Chemistry 1st Paper176
Chemistry 2nd Paper177
Biology 1st Paper178
Biology 2nd Paper179
Engineering drawing180-182
History of Islam 1st Paper267
History of Islam, 2nd Paper268
Business organization and management277-278
Production Management 1st286
Production Management 2nd287
Office management 1st235
Office management 2nd236
Accounting, 1st Paper253
Accounting 2nd Paper254
Finance & Banking 1st Paper292
Finance & Banking 2nd Paper293
Agriculture studies 1st239
Agriculture studies 2nd240

Only Teletalk Prepaid SIM cards can be used for Board Challenge. To apply, go to your phone’s messaging option and type RSC, followed by the first three letters of the Board of Education, the candidate’s roll number, the registration number, the subject code, and the subject evaluation. Send the code to 16222. For each topic, a fee of Rs. 150 is charged.

HSC Board Challenge (Khata Challenge / Rescrutiny) 2022

In the return SMS, a PIN number will be issued, along with the amount of money that will be deducted for the application cost. If you accept to the application, send an SMS to 16222 with RSC, PIN number with space>, and contact number with space>. The same SMS can be used for multiple subjects. In this scenario, commas (,) should be used in the subject code on a regular basis.


Rescrutiny / Khata Challenge 2023

It is impossible to provide a precise answer to the question of when the challenge outcome for 2022 will be announced by the board. The Board of Education announced the date for announcing the results of the Board Challenge a few days before they were released. One month after the board is challenged, the results are usually revealed. HSC Board Challenge 2022

Where Can I Found The Results Of The Board Challenge? 

The outcomes of a board challenge are relatively simple to obtain. The results of your board challenge will be sent to you via text message to the phone number you provided when applying for the book review. Furthermore, each board of education’s website publishes a list of those whose results have altered.

Remember that those whose results have not altered will not have their results shown on the internet. To obtain a list of each board’s webpage, please contact us.

Where Can I Find The Results Of The Board Challenge? 

The outcomes of a board challenge are relatively simple to obtain. The results of your board challenge will be sent to you via text message to the phone number you provided when applying for the book review.

When The Board Challenges, Does The Number Drop?

Many people wonder if the number of persons on the board will reduce if the board is challenged. The answer is no, the number does not decrease as a result of the board challenges. We haven’t uncovered anyone whose numbers have dropped after the board was challenged. If the number is reduced when the board challenges, I hope you find an answer to this query rules for displaying board challenge results

Those who do not have or are unable to obtain a Teletalk SIM. From, they will be able to challenge the board. For this, you must pay a small additional fee for each subject.

What Is The Cost Of A Board Challenge Exam?

We charge a little more than the statutory minimum. Our profit/commission is included in the additional price. The following are the costs we charge for board challenge letters and subjects:

  • PSC 250  (Board 180)
  • JSC & JDC 200 rupees per subject (Board125)
  • SSC: 200 rupees per subject (Board 125)
  • HSC: 125

Whatever it takes to keep the board from fronumbering

  1. Your registration number
  2. Your Teletalk prepaid number
  3. The subject’s name and code number for which the board will issue a challenge.
  4. Your contact information (confirmation code and result will be informed in this number)
  5. Your Board’s Name

Follow HSC Khata Challenge / Rescrutiny 2023

When the results are available, they will be notified through SMS. The server, on the other hand, may be late in receiving the message. It could take up to three days. However, a list of those whose results have changed will be made public by their various educational boards. Again, don’t make a list of everyone. Only those whose outcomes are likely to alter will be made public. HSC Board Challenge 2023

Some people believe the message isn’t true. By phone, I’m irritated. As a result, be aware of this. Calling unnecesschallenge is a waste of time. HSC Board Challenge 2022

What To Do After Submitting An Application For A Board Challenge? 

If your application is approved, a fixed fee will be deducted from the Teletalk SIM you have applied for. A confirmation SMS will be issued to the Teletalk SIM as well as the contact number specified in the application. It may take some time for the confirmation SMS to arrive if there is a server issue. A tracking number or ID will be included in the confirmation message. Make a note of it and keep it. This tracking number could be useful in the future.

You must save that tracking code/number yourself if you challenge the board from us. Several of us applied. As a result, we are unable to save everyone’s tracking code. Any future tracking number loss or loss is not the responsibility of However, if this number is saved, we will make every effort to assist for the benefit of humanity. We will not, however, be forced to do so. Simply said, you must save your tracking number

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