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HSC Result 2020 HSC result 2020 dropped The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examination of this year canceled due to Covid-19. Education Ministry decides to publish HSC result 2020 without taking exams. Education minister Dr. Dipu Moni confirmed the news. Moreover, HSC candidates evaluated based on their previous results in Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC). And their equivalent exam. HSC dropped new Result system upodesh.com The Instruction Board Bangladesh will set up the HSC assessment aftereffects of this current year. In another manner because of this pandemic situation. This is the first run through an HSC competitor assessed without the tests since they were presented during the 60s.

Everyone will pass in 2020

  • Total Candidates 1365789
  • Exam Scheduled on 1st April
  • Suspended on March 22

Due to this, more than over 13 lac candidates will pass. The examinees and the parents asked, after this decision in which process the assessment will take place.

How to Create HSC Result 2020

The matter discussed with the senior officials of the Ministry of Education. And the Board of Higher Secondary Education. They said, a number of factors considered in the assessment of examinees. For example: If a candidate got the highest result GPA-5, of the previous Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC); He will get GPA-5 in Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). The boards of education will complete the assessment. And the results will release the last week of December.

Example How to Create HSC result 2020

  • JSC result is 4.50 and the SSC result is 5.0.
  • grade point is (4.50 + 5.00) 9.50.
  • Now dividing (9.50/2)= 4.75
  • grade point is 4.75
  • grade point is 4.75
JSC Result  SSC Result  Grade Points
4.50 5.0  4.75

Calculate your Result 

Enter You JSC Result:
Enter You SSC Result:

      E-Board will distribute the HSC result 2020 in December subsequent to getting ready. In what manner will their GPA focuses be? For this situation, the Priest of Training and the Leading group of Instruction have educated. That the outcomes regarding HSC assessment 2020 will be readied dependent on SSC and JSC marks. We as a whole know because crown pandemic the HSC test 2020 has impractical. So this difficult HSC result-making strategy will apply. In any case, we are imparting some insight into the HSC result measure framework. It very well may be valid or bogus. Subject Wise Mark distribution System

Subject  JSC Mark  SSC Mark  Calculation  HSC Mark
Bangla 80 80 80+80=160/2  80(A+)GPA-5
Match 68 75 68+75=143/2 71.5(A)GPA-4

Probable results method

Likewise, how about we compute the gathering astute subjects. In any case, this time we will just check from SSC result. For this situation, the SSC and the HSC imprints will same. We should clarify with the Science gathering.

 Subject  SSC Mark  HSC Mark
 Physics   89   89  A+/5
 Chemistry   73   73   A/4
 Biology   85   85  A+/5
 Higher Math/ optional   94   94   A+/3

*Optional subjects score maximum 3 out of Grading Point 5 Nonetheless, how about we create the HSC result by utilizing this mark sheet tallying method. Figuring Focuses on 5+4+5+5+4+5+3=31/5= 5.16. That implies a GPA of 5. So we make HSC Result Marksheet for All Subject Imprints. In spite of the fact, it is a potential way. We don’t have a clue by what means will make HSC result this year. We simply imparting our insights. Various understudies may have distinctive SSC or HSC subjects. It may be chosen as dependent upon the most extreme comparable between both tests. For more queries Click Here!!.   What Will Be The Consequence Of Improve Examinees?

The fact that with certain contentions we examined the potential ways. This is questionable how could the result like the students who failed the comparative exams.  This can likewise be explained by intuition profoundly! Since these up-and-comers have additionally passed JSC and SSC assessments. Along these lines, so it is conceivable to decide their outcome just based on comparative subjects in the subjects in which they have failed.   Conclusion The current year’s Primary Education Completion and equal tests. Junior School Certificate and its proportionate tests were additionally dropped because of the pandemic. we publish HSC result 2020 very soon!!! For more Information like any Result and Admission Join our Facebook group Stay tuned with us 😊


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