HSC Result 2020 All Education Board BD & Marksheet

এসএসসি রেজাল্ট 2020 HSC result in 2020 dropped. So The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examination of this year canceled due to Covid-19.HSC ruselt 2020 higher secondary auto pass. So Education Ministry decides to publish HSC result 2020 without taking exams. Education minister Dr. Dipu Moni confirmed the news. Moreover, HSC candidates evaluated based on their previous results in Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC). The Ministry of Education Intermediate (HSC) and Secondary Boards Bangladesh confirmed that the results of this year’s Higher Secondary Certificate HSC Result and equivalent examinations will be published on July 19, 2020. HSC Result 2020 published date. HSC Result 2021

Examinees can get their HSC Results from respective centers, websites of their respective boards, and on mobile phones through sending short message service HSC Result (SMS) from 2 pm. Dhaka Education Board. Intermediate Result. We also provide you Rajshahi Education Board, Education Board Rajshahi, Dinajpur education board, HSC Result 2020 published date, HSC Result Marksheet, HSC Admission Result 2020, PSC Result

And their equivalent exam. HSC dropped the new Result system upodesh.comThe Instruction Board Bangladesh will set up the HSC assessment aftereffects of this current year. In another manner because of this pandemic situation. This is the first run through an HSC competitor assessed without the tests since they were presented during the 60s. So You can get HSC result 2020. In addition, you can get HSC Result Analysis, Statistics of HSC Event 2020, How to Create HSC Result 2020, Example How to Create HSC result 2020, Example How to Create HSC result 2020, Education Board Result Marksheet 2020, Web-based Result 2020



HSC Result Analysis

In excess of 14 lac up-and-comers participate for the Higher Auxiliary Testament HSC equal assessments this year. A complete of 14,87,109 examinees from 9,119 academic establishments below ten schooling boards will show up in the examinations; in accordance with the training ministry. A complete quantity of 11,62,803 candidates is set to take a seat for the examination from eight well-known training boards. 97,456 below the Madrasa Education board, and 226850 from Technical Education Board. The written examination began on the 1st of April and it used to be over on May 12. The sensible examination held from thirteen to 22 May. This year authorities took a variety of measures to forestall query leaks. Physical disabled Students get extra 20 minutes in the HSC exam. The one of a kind needs, which include that autism, bought an extra 30 minutes.

Statistics of HSC Event 2020

Students 14,87,109
Attend 1389465
Absent 97,644
Boys Students 7,41,647
Girls Students 7,45,462
Total Institutions 9,119
Total Education Board 10

How to Create HSC Result 2020

The matter discussed with the senior officials of the Ministry of Education. And the Board of Higher Secondary Education. They said, a number of factors considered in the assessment of examinees. For example: If a candidate got the highest result GPA-5, of the previous Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC); He will get GPA-5 in Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC). The boards of education will complete the assessment. And the results will release the last week of December. www.educationboard.gov.bd hsc result 2020.

Education Board Result Marksheet 2020

We discuss the HSC mark sheet. So this year big change for our Government HSC result because of COVID-19. In addition, after many attempts, it was not possible to take it in any way. In the end, it was decided that the assessment would be done without examination. So the question of how to create the result. In addition, What the mark distribution of those students who change the background like Science to Arts or Commerce. So let’s start with Marksheet & number Hsc result 2020.HSC Result 2020 Marksheet with number.

HSC Routine 2020

Every year Hsc Routine published Education Board January. This year HSC Exam Routine 2020 delay for COVID-19 Corona Various Issue. March 04 Published an HSC Routine 2020. New HSC Routine Publish 13 October 2020 inform the Government Website. Latest News we also provide our Website like HSC Routine Result. The Routine of Higher Secondary HSC Examination Published next week. Students get 4 weeks to Prepare for the Exam. Those students do not attend the exam specially measure take for them. Wednesday, 30 September Education-related press conference Dr. Dipu Moni said the Journalist. Minister of Education Dr. Dipu Moni also said many have offered to give the Certificate by the previous test without taking the test. Problem Without an exam, they go to work they told to pass 2020.

HSC Result 2020 Publish date

The Education Ministry of Bangladesh announced the HSC result 2020 posted date. Based totally on the schooling Ministry and Education Board press release HSC Result 2020 on 19 July 2020. On this day, All schooling boards of Bangladesh will put up the HSC result. According to the press briefing of Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni, introduced the Higher Secondary Certificate Exam’s end result day.HSC and Alim Exam Result 2020. Higher Secondary Certificate, Alim, and Equivalent examinations, including Alim of the Madrasah Education Board for the year 2020 will be published on July 19.

Web-based HSC 2020

Examinees of all boards can get the results from the Education Board website http://www.educationboardresult.gov.bd


 HSC and Alim Result 2020

Roll Number*



Server 2

Roll Number*
Reg Number*

HSC Result 2020 SMS



Examinees of the General Boards can get their results through their mobile phones. Type: HSC<space>first three letters of the board<space>Roll Number<space>2020 and send it to 16222. Examinees of the Madrasah Board can get results via mobile phones. Type: HSC<space>MAD<space>Roll Number<space>2020 and send it to 16222. Examinees of the Technical Education Board can get their results by Type: HSC<space>TEC<space>Roll Number<space>2020 and send it to 16222


Board Based HSC Result 2020

There are Now Eleven Secondary/ Higher Secondary schooling boards in Bangladesh. Each and each and every Board takes assessments with one of a kind questions. That’s why there is a number of distinctions between every other. Dhaka Board, Chottogram Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Barisal Board, Comilla Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, the new one is Mymensing Board are the generic boards of Bangladesh. Two Boards, there are Madrasah Board and Technical Board. Every yr there is a massive project to carry out a profitable result. That’s why the Education Ministry offers duty to the boards. These boards are very a lot of challenges about their duty.

Description About All Board Result 2020

All education boards of Bangladesh complete their result separately, and they have their own official sites for everyone to easily access or visit their activities. Students or Examinees can get their valuable information or access their needs from these websites.

Dhaka Board Barisal Board Chittagong Board
Comilla Board Dinajpur Board Sylhet Board
Jessore Board Rajshahi Board Technical Board
Madrasa Board Mymensing Board  Jessore Board

Dhaka Board HSC Result 2020

Examinees and all academic institutes of the Dhaka division are below the Dhaka board. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. The huge populace in Dhaka, really is why there are a lot of greater secondary academic institutes. And loads of college students have this city. The board exam’s held beneath the Dhaka Board. Examinees can get assistance and valuable records from their reliable websites. They can get bored outcomes like HSC in the Dhaka board site.

Chottogram Board HCS Result 2020

The second-largest education board of Bangladesh. Higher secondary education institutes in this division. Nowadays students can get information easily from the official website of the Chottogram Board.

Rajshahi Board HCS Result 2020

Rajshahi is the cleanest and inexperienced town in Bangladesh. Is recognized as a schooling city. Reputed establishments in this division. Rajshahi Board is making a good-sized and prosperous in the training section. And they are preserving consistent results. Every year the Rajshahi Board Performs good quality persistence. The number of good Quality Students every year get GPA-5. They admitted to the top Number of universities. For the comfort of students, they are storing vital facts and take a look at them on their own website. Rajshahi Board HSC Result 2020

Sylhet Board HSC Result 2020

HSC examinees get HSC related information or other queries on Sylhet Board official websites. First of all visit Sylhet. Click on the Exam Result bar. Fill up Examinees Information on websites’ demand. For attention Sometimes there is a puzzle in the Result Showing bar. This has to solve.

Barisal Board HSC Exam Result 2020

Candidates of the Barisal Board can view the required information for the examination. And the results of the board examinations without any hindrance to the official websites.

Visit Here Barisal

Comilla Board HSC Exam Result 2020

Comilla Board’s web site has been arranged with important information. About the final information of the education system. And the results of the examinations. Time to go Comilla

Dinajpur Board HSC Exam Result 2020

The official website of the Dinajpur Board arranged for the convenience of the students. Now Visit At Dinajpur Found the Result bar. And complete the examinee’s information. Solve the very sum to submit your result. HSC Result 2020

Jessore Board HSC Exam Result 2020

For the convenience of students and others to know about the board; the Jessore board has its own official websites. For more queries, everyone can visit the website. Go to Jessore Click on to “Education Board Result” bar. Fill in all the information about candidates. Wait for a moment to see the desired result.

Technical Board HSC Result

  • Click on Result
  • Select HSC
  • Select Year
  • Fill up your Roll/Reg: No properly
  • Solve the easy sum






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