Do you want to make money online with the phone in your hand ? Then today’s post is for you. I will teach you two methods. One method is to get payment on your bKash / cash or mobile recharge. And it’s very simple and 101% tested. Make Money Easy With Mobile And Make Payments With Development


Later I will teach those who have PayPal account how to earn money online again only by playing games.

Anyway, the name of the app that I will talk about today, Khelaghor is a Bangladeshi app. Once you get the app in the Play Store, let’s talk about how we will work on the app without further ado.

You will need supper vpn to use the app.

Make Money Easily With Mobile


First you go to your Play Store and type search button.

Then type search button again and download the app.


Remember that this app will not allow you to work without VPN, so install vpn and open it.


After opening, select the US country and connect as shown in the picture below. Like the picture below-

Then click on Register Now.

Then a page like the one given below will appear. Fill the page with all your information-


Then the reference box will come. You must copy and paste this code (PAPB4D) or you will not get your bonus so you must paste the code to get the bonus.

Then click OK. Then a dashboard like the picture will appear in front of you, click start task.


Then click on Next. You will see twelve ads. You will see each of them for 3 seconds. Then you will come back. Click on Next. You will see twelve end.


Then you will see that some money has been added to your account. Also, if you share your referral code with your friends and get an account, you will get a bonus of two rupees for each share. The way to see your referral code is given in the picture below-


You can recharge 20 taka on your phone. You can also deposit 40 rupees and take cash and development.

Then I will share how to take money from PayPal while playing the game. In the future, I will end here like today, thank you. Make Money Easy With Mobile And Make Payments With Development

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