National University NU Honours 2nd Year English Question Solution 2023

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NU Honors 2nd Year English Question Pattern & Mark Distribution 2023

The National University Honors 2nd Year Student Examination will be held in December next year. The National University authorities have stated that the first requirement for this purpose will be English. Did not encounter which is why we try to discuss in detail here.

Subject Name : English 

Year: 2nd, 2023

Total Marks : 100 

Time : 3 Hours 

Mark Distribution 

  • Seen Passage : 25 Marks 
  • Poster Writing – 4 Marks 
  • Paragraph : 8 Marks 

Application/Letter Writing : 8 Marks

  • Essay Writing : 15 Marks 
  • Re-Arrange Words : 5 Marks 

Grammar Part  

  • WH- Questions : 5 Marks 
  • Articles : 5 Marks 
  • Right Form of Verbs : 5 Marks 
  • Punctuation and Captalization : 5 Marks 
  • Change the Sentence : 5 Marks 
  • Translate into English : 5 Marks 

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question 2023

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question 2023

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question 2023

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question 2023

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question

NU Honors 2nd Year English Question Solution 2023

2. Question Answer

a) Colombus discovered America.

(b) I caught him by his hand.

(c) He is better today.

(e) Don’t make a noise.

f) Do you know where he lives?

g) One should be careful of one’s duty.

7. Question Answer

a) 21st February is the memorable day.

b) Every year we remember this day with respect.

c) The day is a govt. holiday.

d) The national flag flies half-mast on this day.

e) Monuments are covered with flowers.

f) The heroic sons of air country sacrificed their lives.

g) They sacrificed lives for the sake of language.

8. Question Answer

a) Who got Nobel Prize first in India?

b) Whose books are these?

c) What did disturb you?

d) Where is the book?

e) When did he deliver his lecture?

f) Why did she study hard?

g) How much the prize of pen?

9. Question Answer

a) An,

b) an,

c) the,

d) the,

e) the.

10. Question Answer

a) is;

b) has been raining;

c) receiving;

d) will succeed;

e) would establish;

f) saved;

g) over flowed

11. Question Answer

One day two friends were passing through a thick jungle. When night fell, one of them said to the other friend, ” I am told that a fierce bear lives in the jungle. What should we do if we falk in with it?” ” I will kill it,” said the other. They had not gone far when the bear rushed out of the jungle.

12. Question Answer

a) Belief (noun):

b) Charitable (adj.): You did a charitable duty last year.

c) Broaden (verb):

d) Thoughtfully (adverb)

e) Strength (noun):

f) Constructive:

g) Succeed (verb):

a. Belief- We should have the belief to be successful in life.

b. Charitable – This is a Charitable organization.

c. Broaden- Please, try to broaden your mind.

e. Strength – I have no strength to inspire you.

g. Succeed – We need hard work to succeed in life.

13. Question Answer

a) Disagree=

b) Acknowledge=

c) Cheap=

d) Broad=

e) Extensive=

f) Fight=

g) Huge=

14. Question Answer

14. সততা একটি মহৎ গুণ। এই গুণসম্পন্ন ব্যক্তি সৌভাগ্যবান। সবাই তাঁকে সম্মান করে। এমনকি একজন অসৎ লোকও তাঁকে সম্মান না করে পারে না। পরিচ্ছন্ন বিবেকসম্পন্ন হওয়ায় তিনি মনের শান্তি উপভোগ করে থাকেন।

Ans: Honesty is a great virtue. A man having such a virtue is fortunate. Everyone respects him. Even a dishonest man cannot help but respect him. Having a clean conscience, he enjoys peace of mind.


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