South Korean Lottery Result 2023 Apply, Registration

In this paragraph, i’m going to discuss about South Korean Lottery 2023. Most imortantly, you’ll know how to apply Korean Lottery 2023 in India . Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (BOSEL) has announced the schedule for online registration for employment of Employment Permit System (EPS) workers in South Korea. On Thursday (February 16), Boesel issued a circular in this regard.

According to the notification, if you want to go to South Korea for 3D (dirty, difficult, dangerous) work at low cost and high salary under EPS. Moreover, you must register online to participate in the Korean language test. South Korean Lottery Result 2023


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South Korean Lottery 2023

The people concerned are expecting to send about seven thousand workers to the quota of 2023. According to Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (Boessel), in 2007, a memorandum of understanding signed between South Korea and the Bangladesh government to send workers. Since 2008, skilled workers have sent to the country. Boesel and the South Korean government’s Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) are implementing the process of sending workers through a transparent process.

Under the EPS, candidates are selected in several stages to get access to skilled workers in Korea’s industrial sector as per the demand. So, the final registration process (online) of Korean language experts to fill the quota set in 2023 will start from 22 February 10 am to 23 February 2023 5 pm. As a result, every year, thousands of Bangladeshi workers are getting the opportunity to go to the industrial sector in South Korea.

South Korean Lottery Content at a Glance

1. Firstly, Educational Qualification Minimum SSC/Equivalent,
2. Secondly, Passport valid till 6th June 2023 subject to renewal,
3. Thirdly, Name and date of birth and photograph must match information on passports and national identity cards.

4. Age limit 18 to 39 years (Date of birth should be between June 14, 1984 to June 13, 2005);
5. Must be elegant in dress, manners and conversation;
6. Must have interest in 3D (Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous) work;
7. Must be free of color blindness or color vision problems;
8. Must have proficiency in reading, writing and understanding the Korean language;
9. Persons diagnosed with drug addiction/syphilis will considered ineligible;
10. Disqualify a person who has sentenced to prison or any other sentence for a criminal offence;
11. Those staying in South Korea illegally will considered ineligible;
12. Persons barred from leaving the country shall considered ineligible and
13. Those who have stayed in Korea for more than 5 years on an E-9 or E-10 visa will considered ineligible.

South Korean Lottery Application Dates And Registration Details

a) Online Preliminary Registration : 6th June 10 am to 8 June 2023 4 pm.
b) If the number of online pre-registered candidates exceeds 20000 (twenty thousand), candidates will selected for final registration to participate in the Korean Language Test (UBT) by lottery by HRD Korea.
c) Lottery: Next 11 June 2023 AD. The date will held at 11 am at Immigrant Assembly Hall in Boesel.
d) Final Registration: Next 13 June 2023 AD. Dates will start on a roster basis.
e) The final registration i.e. the candidates who received the admit card will be conducted in individual examination from 25 July to 13 September 2023 AD. Date will be held at designated UBT Hall of Pravasi Kalyan Bhavan.
In addition, the final notification in this regard will be published soon. All concerned are requested to publicize the matter widely.

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In conclusion, Bangladeshi workers are now at the peak of popularity in South Korea due to their hard work, honesty and discipline. Therefore, the demand for Bangladeshi workers in the country is constantly increasing. In the past years, there was an opportunity to go to South Korea through lottery and now apart from lottery, if you know only Korean language, you can go to South Korea with a salary of more than two lakh rupees by just taking Korean language test without lottery at a nominal cost.