This year’s Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination schedule has published. The test will start on June 19. The written test will end on July 8. The schedule has published on the website of Dhaka Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board on Wednesday. So, learn about SSC Exam 2022 Routine. ২০২২ সালের এসএসসি পরীক্ষার রুটিন l Education Board Routine Routine 2022. SSC Routine 2022. এসএসসি পরীক্ষার রুটিন l Download SSC Routine 2022. In addition, SSC and Dakhil Exam 2022 will Start same date.


SSC Exam 2022 Routine Bangladesh

Moreover, students will not have to take exams in three subjects in SSC this year. And one thing is being left out in HSC. The SSC will cover Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Advanced Mathematics, Biology, Accounting, Business Enterprise, Finance and Banking, History and World Civilization of Bangladesh, Geography and Environment, Politics and Citizenship, Economics, Home Science and Agriculture.

SSC students did not have to sit for the selection test due to poor coronary activities. Generally, the students had to take exams in all subjects in the selection exams taken by the educational institutions.

This information given in a circular signed by the convener of the Inter-Education Board Examination Regulatory Committee, Professor SM Amirul Islam on Wednesday (April 26).

After all, it has said in the notification that the examination will start on 19th June at 10 am with the examination of Bangla first paper. It will continue till July 13.

Secondary School Certificate Routine 2022 at a Glance

SSC examinations usually held in February of the year and HSC examinations in April. But due to the corona infection, the country’s education system has become chaotic since March 2020. Not being tested on time or sometimes having to cancel. This year’s SSC and HSC exams are also taking place much later than the scheduled time.

Exam : SSC 2022

Routine Publish Date : 4 May 2022

Exam Starts From : 19 May 2022

Written Exam End : 6 July 2022

Result Publish : Soon

SSC Exam 2022 Routine PDF



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This data given in a roundabout endorsed by the convener of the Inter-Education Board Examination Regulatory Committee, Professor SM Amirul Islam on Wednesday (April 26). It has said in the notice that the assessment will begin on nineteenth June at 10 am with the assessment of Bangla first paper. It will go on till July 13. Get SSC Exam 2022 Routine. Or Download SSC Routine 2022.

SSC Exam Instructions

1. Students must take their seats in the test room 30 minutes before the start of the test.

2. Examination will start according to the time mentioned in the question paper.

3. First there will be multiple choice and then there will be creative / compositional (theoretical) test.

There will be no break between the two exams. 20 minutes for multiple choice exams and 1 hour 40 minutes for creative exams.

4. Candidates will collect their admission forms from the head of their respective institution at least three days before the commencement of the examination.

5. In the case of candidates of all academic years, the subjects obtained through continuous assessment of physical education, health sciences and sports and career education subjects as per the guidelines of NCTB will be provided to the concerned centers by the educational institutions. The concerned center will send the number obtained in the continuous assessment along with the practical test number online on the website of the board.

6. Candidates will fill the circle by writing the roll, registration number, subject code etc. in their respective answer sheets (OMR). Under no circumstances can the answer sheet be folded.

7. Candidates have to pass separately in creative/compositional (theoretical), multiple choice and practical sections.

8. Each candidate can participate in the examination only on the subjects mentioned in the registration form.

9. The examination of any candidate (creative / compositional, multiple choice and practical) will not be held in his own school. Candidates have to arrange seats through transfer.

10. Non-programmable scientific calculators can be used for testing.

11. No person other than the Center Secretary or the candidate can bring and use the mobile in the center.

12. For creative / compositional (theoretical), multiple choice and practical exams, the same attendance sheet should be used for the candidates.

13. The practical test will held at their own venue.

14. Re-examination can applied for online via SMS within seven days of publication of test results.

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