Visit Meghalaya At Low Cost

Visit Meghalaya At Low Cost. You can visit at low cost from Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dauki in Meghalaya, India. As Meghalaya is a border state of Bangladesh, the cost of travel, accommodation and food is quite low. Let’s find out what it costs to go to Meghla, how to go, where to stay, what to eat, passport, visa, travel fare, border immigration and places of interest.


Passport and Visa

Must have a valid passport and visa of the country concerned for traveling abroad. So if you do not have a passport, then get a passport. When applying for an Indian visa, you must select ‘BY ROAD DAWKI, the port of entry-exit for the visa application.

Travel Tax

The amount of travel tax on land is 500 rupees. Which can be deposited in the booth of Sonali Bank at the pre-determined bank or border.

Immigration System

Bangladesh immigration at Dauki border is easier and less crowded than other borders. To complete the immigration work first, collect a Departure Card from the police along the line and fill it up and submit it along with the passport. After completing the immigration, you have to go to the customs office and make an entry. Travel tax receipt must submitted here. When the work of customs completed, the name of BGB will entered in their book.

Once the work on the Bangladesh part completed, BSF will check the passport and allow them to enter as soon as they enter the Indian part. Later you have to submit your passport to the Indian Immigration and Customs Office. Immigration has to completed by filling the Arrival Card there.

Whatever You See in Meghalaya

On the way to Shillong on the first day, you can see Nohwait Living Route Bridge, Maulilong Village, Borhill Falls, Umkrem Falls, Snowenpedeng Village, Umgat River. On the second day, visit Kransuri Jharna, Cherrapunji.

Third day plans include Double Decker Route Bridge, Mausimai Cave, Seven Sisters Fountain, Echo Park and Nukayakali Falls. Last day you can visit Shillong Peak, Lady Hyderi Park, Don Bosco Museum, Umium Lake, Cathedral Church, Golf Course, Words Lake.

How to Go And What Is The Cost?

First go to Sylhet by any AC / non-AC bus from Dhaka. Buses leave between 10pm and 12pm and arrive between 5am and 8am. Jaflong’s bus is available from Sylhet bus stand. Get on the bus from Kadamtali to Jaflong. It will take about two hours.

If anyone wants to go to Shillong from here, there are locally shared taxis. Reserve taxis can also be taken around. Rent for the whole day is Rs. 3,000-3,500 depending on the location.

If you don’t mind the taxi, you can also travel by Meghalaya Tourism Board’s tourist bus. In this case it may cost 300 to 500 rupees per person.

Where Will You Stay?

If you visit Meghalaya, you can visit Shillong. Here you will find a good hotel for 1500-3000 rupees. You will also find hotels of different prices nearby.

What to Eat, Where to Eat?

You will find chicken, eggs, rice, noodles, parota everywhere. On the way you will find luchi, aludam tea, water, bread, biscuits, eggs etc.


Keep the necessary medicines with you when traveling. Choose your own hotel as much as possible. Be aware that in many places there may be an entry fee and a fee for using the camera.

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