Black Fungus New Panic ( COVID-19 Condition )

Covid-19 is one of the world’s most feared diseases. As well, the whole world is currently under this epidemic. Meanwhile, the first wave in the whole world has hit. The second wave is hitting as soon as the damage is not recovered from the impact of the first wave. The number of victims has already crossed 17 crores. And more than 35 million deaths. (according to worldOmetre) Black Fungus New Panic ( COVID-19 Condition )black fungal infection treatment. black fungal disease cure. black fungal disease causes.

Several countries, including the United States, India, and Brazil, have hit by the second wave of coronavirus. Also, all the countries of the world are upset by the blows of the corona. India is already on top of being devastated and damaged by the second wave of coronavirus. In the meantime, there have new cases of fungal infections among those who have recovered from the COVID-19. Which is known as a black fungus. The existence of black fungus has already detected in Bangladesh. Black Fungus


What Is Black Fungus Covid

This fungus is ubiquitous in soil, water, and air. Its transmission capacity is very low. One to two million people can be infected with this bacterium. If the body’s immune system is weakened for any reason, the level of this infection may increase. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, especially those with ketoacidosis, are at higher risk.



What Is Black Fungal Infection After Covid

Diabetic patients with coronavirus who are given steroids are at increased risk of developing mucormycosis, said the director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. It is known to have hit India for the first time. This new black fungus infection is being found in India and neighboring countries around India. Rare but deadly fungal infections continue to plague hospitals in India.Black Fungus New Panic ( COVID-19 Condition )

The spore of myocardial infarction is from the soil, air, and even food. However, the human body has less ability to attack. The incidence of this infection before coronavirus was very rare. But there are currently reports of large numbers of infections caused by coronavirus.

Cause of Black Fungus

Steroid abuse has shown to play a major role in the transmission of black fungus. Hospitals are urged to adhere to the infection prevention protocol as coronavirus patients die from second-stage fungal and bacterial infections. One of the major causes of black fungus infection is steroid abuse. Patients with diabetes who are infected with the coronavirus are taking steroids, which increases their risk of developing black fungus.

It has already said that diabetes is associated with fungal infections. Steroids such as dexamethasone used to treat coronavirus exacerbate diabetes. Also, patients with cancer are at higher risk. Another reason for the increase in virus transmission is the use of extra broad-spectrum antibiotics. Black fungus infections can also occur in the kidney or other organ transplant patients and malnourished patients. In addition, there is a possibility of getting this disease from the injury on the deep wound of the skin.

Special warnings have issued for coronavirus and diabetic patients in case of black fungus. Doctors have advised being careful about the initial symptoms of black fungus. Sinus pain is the primary symptom of the spread of black fungus infection, there is also a runny nose, pain in one side of the head, swelling, toothache, etc.

There are also some external symptoms. This is like getting black spots on the nose. Blurred vision. Seeing one thing in two. Feeling of chest pain. Feeling short of breath. Bleeding with cough.

How to Spread Black Fungus

Since it lives in nature it can spread at any time. It can come in contact with us at any time. It can come in contact with us at any time. The black fungus can enter through the eyes and nose. It can go from the eyes to the brain again. And since the sinus area is empty, the infection can be widespread.

The black fungus can enter the human body in different ways. It’s can enter through the trachea and nose. It can also enter with food or through any sores or inflammation of the skin. It is called black fungus because the mucous membranes of the affected part and nose are black.

Diagnosis and treatment

In the case of at-risk patients, it is vital to collect and diagnose the disease at the beginning of the conference. It is important to have a blood test. X-rays of the chest and related organs should also need. Ultrasonography will also be required. Also with biopsy of silk, skin, and flesh tissue. There are also CT scans and MRI tests. Treatment should started without wasting time due to fear of high mortality. In addition, antifungal drugs should start as a matter of urgency. It is also important to try to control risks such as diabetes and increase immunity. If necessary, surgery may be required on the affected limb. Sometimes amputation may necessary to save lives.

What Is Black Fungus Disease

ব্ল্যাক ফাঙ্গাস ছোঁয়াচে নয় l এটি নিয়ে শঙ্কিত না হয়ে সতর্ক থাকাটা জরুরি বলে মনে করেন বিশেষজ্ঞরা l তারা বলেছেন এ ছত্রাক বাহিত রোগ বাংলাদেশ আগেও হয়েছে l রোগ প্রতিরোধ কমে গেছে এমন ব্যক্তিদের এতে আক্রান্ত হওয়ার আশঙ্কা থাকে l তবে হ্যাঁ আক্রান্ত হলে এতে মৃত্যুর ঝুঁকি রয়েছে l

Black Fungal Disease Causes

Experts believe that it is important to be aware of the fact that black fungus is not contagious. They say the fungus-borne disease has happened in Bangladesh before. People with reduced immunity are at risk. However, if infected, there is a risk of death.

Black Fungal Infection Treatment

Black fungus patients have already identified in our country. The patient with white fungus has not yet identified. Hopefully, with caution, everyone will safe from this disease. Even then there is no reason to fear if the infection occurs. There are enough medicines for this disease in our country. Hopefully, by applying it properly we can ensure the patient’s recovery. So caution is needed not panic. Black Fungus New Panic ( COVID-19 Condition )

We wish you good health on behalf of our


The individual should more careful at the stage. Especially those who have received more steroids during corona period. They have to follow the hygiene rules that have mentioned in the Corona situation even after infected. Such as wearing a mask properly. Repeated hand washing rules must be followed. When you come from outside, you must wash your hands thoroughly with soap and keep them clean. Dust should avoided. You have to cook well and eat food. Eat nutritious and protein-rich food. And should eat plenty of fruit.

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