Class 7 / Seven English Assignment 2nd Week & Solution

2nd week all Assignment answers are published. English first and second Answer, Paragraph, Grammar. In this case, the second-week task prospectus has been distributed. In the wake of getting the fourth-week English task addresses, we are beginning to address unravels. You will find all solutions very soon. Do you need answers to class Seven English Second week’s questions? We have responded to every one of the inquiries of Class 7 English Assignment for the second week. This English arrangement of the Second week will be valuable for the understudies of class Seven. So read the full post to get an English answer for a second seven-day stretch of eighth class.
Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the fourth-week assignment. The fourth-week task prospectus has been distributed. So, you’ll get English assignments for the third week of class Seven here.


English Assignment Class 7 / Seven 2nd Week 2021

Nowadays English is the most important. And most widely used international language. Without English, we cannot do anything in this modern world. Without a doubt having proficiency in English we cannot hope to get a good job. If we want to become a telephone operator, a waiter, or a receptionist we need English. Even so, a doctor, a banker, a pilot, an educationist should have knowledge of English. Also for business communication and correspondence with foreign countries English is a must. In addition, we must have to use English for International relations. Also diplomatic affairs.

The knowledge of English is essential for tourists. A foreigner has to speak English to another foreigner. We have no alternative except for the English language to communicate. The modern age is the age of computer and information technology. On the other hand, we must have knowledge of English. To do a job in any of these fields. Above all the modern world is a global village and every nation is a member of this village. To become an active member of this village we need English obviously. English Assignment Class Seven/7.

Class 7 English Assignment 2nd Week 2021

an assignment orbit of work apportioned to somebody as a component of a work or course of study. In a word, a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study is called an assignment. Its main task is to highlight a subject in a beautiful, easy, and fluent way. The aim should be to avoid irrelevant issues. Present the correct information and adding pictures and other necessary accessories if necessary. keep a balance between start and end. We are also by you for the necessary help and cooperation.

Second / 2nd Week Assignments Syllabus With Answer


English Assignment Class 6, 7, 8 & 9 With Solution 4th Week

Class 7 week 4th English Assignment Question & Answer


English Grammar and Composition, Class Seven: Tense (Present Perfect, Past Indefinite, Future Continuous), Article, Preposition.

1. Rewrite the passage using the correct form of verbs in the brackets.

Dear Masum,

Your letter regarding your joyful picnic came to me just now as a marvelous one. In your letter, you have wanted to know about the picnic that we have enjoyed recently. Now I am writing to you about it. We, the students of class seven choose Sonargaon as our picnic spot. We were 30 in number. One of our teachers would be with us. We reached there at about 10 am. We have enjoyed the day very much. At last, we returned home safely. We never will forget the day.

Yours ever




2. Read your English grammar textbook from page no.83—89 and do the activities of Section B (i, ii, and iii)

i. Fill in the gaps with a/an or the and put a cross (X) where no article is needed:

A: Have you taken an appointment with Dr. Ehtesham?

B: Oh, yes. I have taken an appointment for tomorrow.

Is the doctor not coming today?

B: No. The doctor comes to this hospital thrice a week.

A: When should we visit him tomorrow?

B: At 6:30p.m. I hope he will give us the best advice for proper diagnosis.

A: Tomorrow is the first day of the week. We have to start for. The doctor earlier to avoid traffic congestion.

B: We shall reach the hospital before the sunsets.



ii. S: Good morning, teacher. How are you?

T: Good morning. Can you write a paragraph on Begum Rokeya?

S: Yes, I can.

T: What was she?

S: She was a social worker. She lived in undivided Bengal in the early 20th century.

T: She was a writer also. She wrote a number ofbooks.

S: Yes, teacher. I can mention the name of the book written

by her. “Sultana’s Dream” is the book written by her.

T: Where was she from?

S: She was from × Rangpur.

F: Anupom, what is the largest continent?

S: The Asia.

F: Give an example of the mangrove forest.

S:The Sunderbans.

F: Who is Stephen Hawkings?

S: He is a scientist. He is an English.

F: What was the objective of the language movement?

S: We demanded × Bangla to be declared as the state language.

3. Choose the correct preposition from the list and fill in the gaps. (on, beside, at, about, in, of, into)

Dear Mita,

At first take my cordial love. Hope you are safe and sound. Today I’m going to tell you about my reading room. The morning sun rays enters into it and there is enough space for air circulation. There are a reading table, a chair and a bookshelf in my room. If you come, you can see there are a world map, a wall clock and some beautiful wall mats hung upon the wall of my reading room. The bookshelf is kept beside the table. I like my reading room and I keep it neat and clean.

Hope to see you soon.


Criteria of Assignment

Educator will address the activities and offer remarks.

Class 7 week 4th English

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