Class 6 / Six 2th week English Assignment Answer 2021

English Assignment class-sixth Nowadays English is the most important. And most widely used international language. Without English, we cannot do anything in this modern world. Without a doubt having proficiency in English we cannot hope to get a good job. If we want to become a telephone operator, a waiter, or a receptionist we need English. Even so, a doctor, a banker, a pilot, an educationist should have knowledge of English. Also for business communication and correspondence with foreign countries English is a must. In addition, we must have to use English for International relations. Also diplomatic affairs.

The knowledge of English is essential for tourists. A foreigner has to speak English to another foreigner. We have no alternative except for the English language to communicate. The modern age is the age of computer and information technology. On the other hand, we must have knowledge of English. To do a job in any of these fields. Above all the modern world is a global village and every nation is a member of this village. To become an active member of this village we need English obviously. English Assignment Class Six/6. Class Sixth 2nd week English Assignment Answer. Class 6 / Six 2th week


How to Learn English

In order to learn English, we have to develop some language skills. These are listening speaking and reading and writing. In this case, we must practice these skills. To practice the listening skills we have to listen to English discussions and programs. In fact, we have to listen to Radio and TV programs and news in English. Moreover, we have to practice all the skills in the class with the help of the subject teacher. Class Sixth 2nd week English Assignment Answer. Class 6 / Six 2th week

Above all in the class, the students should speak English to one another and speaking. We can speak aloud to ourselves while we are alone. We have to read our listens regularly and write to them. Need to practice free handwriting on any topic. Besides for this purpose, we have to learn words, and their meanings, the basic rules of grammar, and sentence patterns. At the same time, we have to use words and sentences in our practical life. If we practice in this way we can learn English. English Assignment class-sixth

2nd week all Assignment answers are published. English first and second Answer, Paragraph, Grammar. In this case, the fourth-week task prospectus has been distributed. In the wake of getting the fourth-week English task addresses, we are beginning to address unravels. You will find all solutions very soon. English Assignment class-sixth


Department of Secondary and Higher Education has released the fourth-week assignment. So, you’ll get English assignments for the third week of class six here.

We offer a complete solution to the fourth-week assignment.

What Is an Assignment?

an assignment orbit of work apportioned to somebody as a component of a work or course of study. In a word, a task or piece of work allocated to someone as part of a job or course of study is called an assignment. Its main task is to highlight a subject in a beautiful, easy, and fluent way. The aim should be to avoid irrelevant issues. Present the correct information and adding pictures and other necessary accessories if necessary. keep a balance between start and end. We are also by you for the necessary help and cooperation. Class 6 / Six 2th week English Assignment Answer 2021


Class Six/6 2nd Week English Assignment 2021



Unit and Title of the 4th-week English Assignment Of Class Six

Lesson English Grammar and Composition for Class 6

Unit 8: Punctuation and capitalization

Class Six/6 2nd week English Assignment’s Answer 2021

Home Work: Activity 1, 2, 3

Home Work: Have you ever visited a railway station and/or bus station? How are they similar or dissimilar? Narrate your experience there in 200 words answering the following questions: When did you go there? Who accompanied you? Why did you go there? What did you see there? What was very interesting to you? What didn’t you like that much? Add some visuals that support your ideas

The teacher will check the grammar exercises and write comments and assess the paragraph from different aspects such as grammar, ideas, organization of ideas, communication, punctuation, and spelling.

(a) When did you go there?

Answer: I went there at 8 in the morning.

(b) Who did you go with?

Answer: I went to school with my father.

(c) How did you go there?

Answer: I went to school by rickshaw.

(d) Who did you meet there?

Answer: I went there and met the headmaster.

(e) What did you see there?

Answer: I got to see a lot of students and teachers in the classroom there.

(f) What was interesting/boring to you? why?

Answer: Everyone in the the new class was very friendly and I found it very interesting.

(g) How did you feel after returning home?

Answer: When I got home I thought it was a great day.



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