Oppo F21 Pro 5G

Oppo F21 Pro 5G. Leading smart device brand Oppo is constantly bringing new technology smartphones. The country’s market, focusing on the three issues- cutting edge technology, iconic design and innovative thinking. To give users a unique experience of using the phone. The company has launched the F21 pro 5G version of it’s F-Series device in Bangladesh. The F21 Pro Five device is build through App’s own manufacturing process; Where innovative Oppo Glow and Dual orbit lights designs have introduce. This innovative device is sure to win the hearts of users as a new trendsetter.


Rainbow-like prismatic visual effects

The Oppo F21 Pro Five G device uses state-of-the-art CMF(color, materials, finish) techniques. The device is available in two colors- Rainbow Spectrum and Cosmic Black. The Rainbow Spectrum color device is make using three-layer texture and two-layer coating. Allowing the phone to create a rainbow color effect from different angles.


The three-layer texture also features a bright oppo Glow design with ‘Innermost. It’s Scattering’ Grain , SG Grain Interlayer and Glossy-and-Matte Grain, and a glossy layer in the device’s camera section. Combining all of these, apo has created an enhanced texture on the back of the device. Multi-color gradient is create by combining red, yellow and green colors.


In addition, with a base layer of indium coating, green, purple and pink. Respectively, play a helpful role in color change. As a result, the F21 Pro Five G’s rainbow spectrum appears in six main colors. Which is bright, captivating and highly-reflective. The combination of glossy and matte matte textures creates a wonderful blend of light. It also has shade in a gradient finish. The Oppo Glow Matte makes part of the camera more visible.

Full Phone Specifications Oppo F21 Pro 5G

The device has a symmetric camera module, which makes the device more attractive to look at. For the first time in the camera design, Oppo has used ‘gloss and matte texture splicing’ in the industry. Which makes the device more attractive by distinguishing it from the conventional base material of other phones. Members of the R&D team at the top brands have made sure that there is no identification limit between each layer of the camera.

No air bubbles were form between the layers during the splicing process to ensure a perfect finish. The F21 Pro Five G features a dual orbit light. For a dual-ring floating notification light system next to the camera. Turning on the dual orbit light will create a heavenly atmosphere. Which will look like two celestial rings descending from the night sky.


Apo has come up with more innovative technology including a structure with RGB lights. A prism light uniform plate with reflective. and shading foil and a light-guide panel-all of and light-guide panel- all of. which work to create the enchanting light of dual orbit light.

The combination of dual orbit light has reduced. The thickness of the original camera bezel and made the design of this phone more beautiful. The Oppo F21 pro five G will provide users with an exceptional experience through a mix of ‘innovation and Fantasy.

Slim, lightweight And Compact

In addition to the iconic look, the apo A phone has gained a lot of popularity. Among the users for it’s comfortable use; Especially for it’s slim and light design. The F21 Pro Five G device uses an ultra-slim retro design. The device uses a trendy 2.5D front back right-angle bezel for nice looking and comfortable grip. The device of the cosmic Black model is about 6.49 mm thick. The Rainbow Spectrum model is about 8.55mm thick and weighs only 183 grams.

In addition to the compact design, the device is completely reliable for users. Due to it’s fingerprint and stain- frame aluminum alloy is 15 percent. It stronger than the devices used in previous generation devices, making the pro Five G device even better.

Oppo’s innovative Design

In addition to cutting-edge technology, Apo’s phones are well-known for their creativity and dazzling design. In continuation of this, Apo F21 Pro Five G device has been setting the trend in creative and eya-catching design. However, due to these features of aesthetics, size, comfort and durability. The Apo F21 Pro Five G phone is expect to be able to meet the needs of the buyers.

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