Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Job Circular

Grid Company of Bangladesh (Power Grid Company of Bangladesh) Social Institutions Energy Transmitters. It is an organization. All the grids are read under this organization. It is a subsidiary of the Rural Development Agency. PGCB is headquartered in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The company is involved in power transmission, conservation and development projects across the country. PGCB past 29/11/2021 Eng Dates issue a circular for the recruitment of manpower in vacant posts in the organization. Applications are invited for the vacant post of Permanent Citizen of Bangladesh. PGCB’s website acknowledges you that the notification has been published. PGCB’s website news www.pgcb.gov.bd.. The group will be able to download notifications from our outsourcing website. Ninh. job circular of power grid company of bangladesh ltd pgcb.


Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

The Act has issued a recruitment notice for the present manpower. Total as per recruitment notification6 Zero page 250 Manpower will be deployed. The following are the names of the posts, number of posts, salary and grade

  • Pod Name: Junior Assistant
  • Position: 9
  • Grade: 11.
  • Salary: 23,000 / – and other allowances / benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Educational Qualification: Note in the notification.

Pod Name: Junior, Personal Secretary

  • Salary: 23,000 / – and other allowances/benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Grade: 11.

Name of the post: Junior Bhandarak.

  • Salary School: 23,000 / – and other allowances/benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Grade: 11.
  • Number of terms: 3

Junior Security Inspector

  • Salary: 23,000 / – and other allowances/benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Grade: 11.
  • Position: 1: 5

Technical Assistant

  • Salary School: 14,500 / – and other allowances/benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Grade: 15.
  • Position: 200

Office Assistant

  • Salary School: 14,500 / – and other allowances/benefits applicable under the employment rules.
  • Grade: 15.
  • Position: 6

Job Circular Of Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh ltd Pgcb

Grid Company of Bangladesh– Application for permanent citizenship will be called for the recruitment of zero manpower. All citizens of Bangladesh can apply publicly. Unchanged, Anil’s instructions are:

Grid Company of Bangladesh
  • The party must be citizen and citizen.
  • You have to apply through Shakti’s online. Telet Bangladesh website http://pgcb.teletalk.com.bd Or PGCB’s website www.pgcb.gov.bd In this context, the application form has to be filled following the “Rules for filling the application form”. Application form 08/12/2021 Eng 10:00 am to 26/12/2021 Eng 11:59 Must be filled in the middle.
  • In the case of Grade 11 posts, the CGPA / GPA will be at least 2.62 out of 5.00 and the minimum will be 2.25 out of CGPA / GPA 4.00. In case of Grade 15 students, CGPA / GPA should be at least 2.00 out of 5.00. Applicants below CGTPA / JTPA and Class III do not need to accept the application.
  • Collection of Certificate of Degree in a Foreign Educational Institution with equivalent degree from the concerned department / institution of UGC / Government of Bangladesh.
  • Parties that have completed the academic examination at the present time or will not accept the application without waiting for the result.
  • If the community is not employed by any government, self-employed semi-government or government company, their complaint must be lodged with the authorities. Other, hardcopy of the completed application form through the Complaints Authority. After the written loan and before the oral examination, a letter from the local authority was sent through the authority. Badyavastapak, P&A, Grid Company (PGCB) Ltd., Head Office, AVNU-3, Zahurul Islam City, Aftabnagar, Badda, Dhaka-1212. The decision has to be given within the stipulated time.
  • Old of choice 25/03/2021 Eng Must be a maximum of 30 years by date. Only one member / royalty member will be considered as 32 years old in case of application for son-daughter networks and appropriate 30 years in case of application for father-son sons and daughters. In the case of various departments, the maximum has been relaxed up to 40 years.
  • In addition, the members of the disqualified party will be given 5 public donations including 1 year. Subsequently, the job will be guaranteed in accordance with the rules of PGCB to successfully complete the attempt. In addition, individual performance appraisals will be agreed upon.
  • In the case of quotas, the power centers included in the quota should be selected following the policy regarding government quotas.
  • The information mentioned in the application form must be correct. Because incomplete or complete application will be considered rejected.


Job Circular Of Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh

  1. The powers that be http://pgcb.teletalk.com.bd Fill out the application form through the website.
  2. The application process will be completed online on 08/12/2021 at 10:00 AM. The last time to fill the online application form is 26/12/2021 at 12:00 pm.
  3. While filling up the online application form, you have to upload a color photo and scotch at the designated place. Color image breaks will be 300×300 and 100kb in size. Signature listeners will be 300×60 and maximum of 60 kilobytes in size.
  4. In the online application form, all the activities related to the previous plan information will be made public, so the information has to be edited and submitted.
  5. After submitting the application form, one copy color print will be in your collection.

Payment Related Rules

Online application deadline 48 hours You have to pay the loan fee in the middle. After filling all the information in the online application form, the application form has to be submitted. An application with user ID will show preview. The applicant will have to pay a copy of the loan fee via SMS using your user ID. Loan fee of Rs. Note that the application will not be accepted till the loan fee is paid.

Payment SMS 

A copy of the downloaded applicant will be provided with Acti User ID. To become a Teletalk Prepaid SIM with your user ID, you need to pay two SMS fees. The rules for sending SMS are:

  • First SMS: PGCB<স্পেস>Type the user id and send to 16222.
  • Reply to SMS: There will be an SMS with Biktar name, bus fee and PIN number. (Md. Nuruzzaman Taka. 500 / – will be taken as application fee. Your PIN is 12345678)
  • Second SMS: PGCBYesWrite PIN and send to 16222.

SMS reply: Here will be an SMS to pay for the exam. The process of paying the examination fee will end after the specified SMS. You need to save the user ID and password displayed in the SMS. (Md. XXX Payment has been successfully completed for PGCB application for xxxxxxx post. User ID is ABCDEF and password: xxxxxxx).

Next http://pgcb.teletalk.com.bd On the website and SMS It will be mediated. While filling up the application form, the people will provide them with active and correct mobile. Because, this number will be connected to the number through mobile. Previously saved User Certificate And Password You need to save the color print copy while downloading the letter of intent. The approval letter will be displayed in the written test and the oral test.

Finally, it is advisable to complete the form before the deadline without undue delay. Fill in the application form and all the information must be recorded correctly. If you fill in the form incorrectly, you will not be deprived of the benefit of paying the profit fee. Visit our website to get updated notifications regarding all types of government jobs.

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