Surokkha Covid 19 Vaccine Registration Bangladesh

Currently, the whole world flooded with the coronavirus. This is disrupting the normal motion of the earth. And so scientists are working day and night to find a way out of this. Leading scientists and universities from different countries have already discovered the cure. In addition, although the remedy is not 100% effective, it is preventing a lot. Yes, we are talking about the Coronavirus vaccine. There is no cure for coronavirus and no alternative vaccine. Already other countries around the world have started providing corn virus vaccines. And most people have taken the initiative to bring them under the vaccine.Surokkha covid-19 vaccine registration Bangladesh. Covid 19 vaccine registration bd surokkha. কোভিড-১৯ ভ্যাকসিনের জন্য নিবন্ধন করুন – সুরক্ষা

As a result of mass vaccination, its incidence has decreased in some countries. In other words, the countries have started getting the benefits of vaccines. On the one hand the risk of such infections is reduced. On the other hand, the risk of death has decreased. Considering all these, our country is lagging behind in terms of vaccines. Terrible delta variants have spread in our country. So the infection in the country has increased at a very high rate. The daily mortality rate is much higher. So it has become urgent to provide vaccines to get out of this situation quickly.


কোভিড-১৯ ভ্যাকসিনের জন্য নিবন্ধন করুন – সুরক্ষা

In the other words, there is no substitute for a vaccine to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Vaccine activities are lagging behind in our country. Everyone’s awareness has somewhat dynamic in this activity. Everyone’s awareness has been somewhat dynamic in this activity. And launched vaccination registration activities through the safety website. An individual can apply for the vaccine through some personal information online. And get the desired vaccine, according to the registration number.

Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

As well as, there are two ways to register for the coronavirus vaccine. Registration can done directly online on that Surokkha website. Or registration can done through mobile app via Surokkha application. Initially, there was an age limit for the Corona virus vaccine. At present, the age limit for most people to vaccinated has relaxed to 30. As a result, Bangladeshis 30 years of age or older will now be able to get the Corona virus vaccine. The age limit for registration for coronavirus vaccination is 30 or higher.

Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Age Limit

Note that mass education activities started in Bangladesh from last 7th February. The age of registration for the vaccine is then set at 40 years. Earlier, 55-year-olds allowed to register for the vaccine. Note that the age limit for vaccination registration reduced to 35 on July 5.

And later the last July 19 age limit was raised to 30 years. As a result, more people will vaccinated. Four types of vaccines given in the country at present. There are, Oxford-AstraZeneca, Cinopharma Cinovax, Pfizer-BioNTech And Moderna. Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Bangladesh

How to Register in Surokkha for Corona Vaccine 

First you have to confirm the internet connection and download the Surokkha app from google play store for your mobile phone. Or you can browse the Surokkha website directly.

  • Then enter the Surokkha web page. Click Here
  • Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Apply
  • Next step: click on Vaccine Registration.
  • Then you select your type (This means that you have to be vaccinated for any age or occupation)
  • After selecting your type, you need to fill in your National ID card number.
  • In the next step, you have to select your date of birth, month of birth, and year of birth.
  • You will then need to enter a code that will automatically appear on the screen for verification.
  • Then you have to go through the next step with your address and mobile number.
  • An OTP will come to your mobile number and you have to fill it in for verification.
  • You will then see a message on your screen that your registration has completed.
  • And a message will sent to your mobile number informing you that your registration has been successful and there will be a later date for your vaccination.

And this way you will complete your coronavirus vaccine registration.

Download Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Card

Next, according to your registration, the date of your vaccination. In fact, you will have to download and print your vaccine from the Surokkha website and go to the vaccination center with your national identity card. To download the vaccine card you need to re-login to the Surokkha website with your national identity card number and mobile number and your vaccine card will be verified and downloaded through an OTP number.

Note: You cannot get vaccinated at the vaccination center without a vaccination card

And along with the vaccination card, you must take your national identity card to the vaccination center.

Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Precautions

An individual can register only once. Once registered, there is no need to register. There is no problem if the vaccine card lost. Later you can download your registration card or vaccine card again from the website with your personal information. If you are not able to get the vaccine on the due date, you can get the vaccine by visiting the center with the vaccination card later. Surokkha Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Bangladesh

Last word

There is no substitute for vaccination to overcome this pandemic condition. Remember prevention is the greatest remedy. And so we all have to care and get vaccinated to get rid of this pandemic condition. Only then can we quickly return to a healthy normal world. We will able to fight against this deadly coronavirus. So follow the instructions, follow health awareness, and get vaccinated quickly. Because the love of your loved ones will live if you live. We always wish you all the best. To know more details and if you have any questions.

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