USA DV Lottery 2023 Application from Green Card

USA Government announces the DV lottery 2022. America’s green card lottery utility shape is accessible at the legitimate website of a variety visa lottery of the USA  Country. So The yearly range visa lottery is otherwise known as the inexperienced card lottery. It’s far u. S. Government software that offers fifty 5 perpetual occupant gambling cards each and each year. Lasting resident playing cards available constantly to people from “underrepresented countries,” that have been tons much less spoken to in paintings and family-based total inclination classifications in u. S. A. Of America and who meet critical qualification prerequisites. At the off danger that you want to get U. S. A. Dv visa for Bangladesh, at that thing you need to have a family member or mate who lives in the certified nation for purchasing a DV visa


What is DV Lottery?

The Diversity Visa Program (DV Lottery) is legislatively commanded and permits up to 55,000 people from countries that are verifiable under-addressed regarding relocation to the United States of America to qualify every year for settler visas which are otherwise called Green Cards. The program is known as the “Green Card Lottery” or “DV Lottery”, in light of the fact that the victors are resolved through an arbitrary drawing from among the 10–12 million individuals who enter every year around the world. The US is pleased to be a nation of settlers. Nonetheless, undeniably more individuals are going to the USA from specific nations than from others. For instance, simply those moving from Mexico, China, and the Philippines are by a long shot dwarfing those from the majority of different nations aggregated. To keep a variety in the populace, US laws manage the migration from specific locales of the world. Therefore the USA has been haphazardly appropriated 55,000 alleged Green Cards in the DV Lottery consistently since 1994.

You can enter the U.S. Variety Visa Lottery free of charge at or utilize our administration in the event that you need any assistance with the application cycle. is fueled by The American Dream – US Green Card Service GmbH, an administration authorized movement consultancy. We are not a subsidiary of the U.S. Government or any administration organization.

How Can Anyone Apply?

Interest in the yearly DV Lottery is fundamentally for nothing out of pocket and all qualified people can enlist for it on the site of the U.S. Division of State. Be that as it may, what many don’t have the foggiest idea: In each lottery up to 40% of all members are precluded on account of formal or cutoff time mistakes in their application!

The affirmation or dismissal of utilizations for the Variety Visa Lottery is an electronic cycle, however, members are not educated about the result. Regardless of whether the application will wind up in the lottery or not will not be conveyed.

Nonetheless, the Green Card administration office The American Dream ensures your support in the authority DV Lottery!

Every application is exclusively checked by state-affirmed resettlement specialists and is submitted to the US experts in due structure and time.

With their master information, our group has just gone with in excess of 19,000 Green Card champs on their way to the USA and throughout recent years!

How to Apply DV Lottery 2022

DV Lottery is totally free of no cost all the Country and stets those are eligible to apply. A person can easily Register on the Website.  40 percent of Applications are rejected for formal deadlines and errors. Application rejected process held on the Electronic process. each application is an individually verify USA Government. Anyone can Easily Apply for Green Card Program.

Below the link

Not Eligible Countries

BangladeshIndiaPakistanBrazilCanadaChina ( Mainland Only )
ColombiaDominican RepublicEl SalvadorHaitiJamaicaMexico
NigeriaPeruPhilippinesSouth KoreaUnited Kingdom (Excepted Northern Ireland)Vietnam


DV Lottery Status Check

You can check your DV Lottery status and Result 2020. Application before November 6, 2018.

Eligible for DV Lottery 2022

Everyone can apply to this program. The two requirements to qualify for the USA Government DV lottery.

  • Country of Birth in accordance with current world political maps
  • Education or Working experiences

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